Simple steps to find router IP address mac

Similar to any other device that is connected to the internet, the router you are using is also having own IP address. You need to know it if in the case at a time you require login to the router and change the settings. Here you will find the steps that will tell you how to find router IP address mac easily.

Router IP address-
Mostly the manufacturer of the router is using or as router default IP address and makes the information available in the instructional manual, on the manufacturer website or router back. The simplest way of finding the IP address of router would be head over the manufacturer of the router and see whether the default IP address on the website of the producer is available or not.

However, knowing the IP address might not help you in case the IP address is changed by the one having access to the setting or router or by internet service provider. Fortunately, it’s really very much easier to find router IP address mac. Just follow the steps given below.
Here are the steps-
• Hit on apple icon given at the menu bar top left. This open up drop down menu.
• Click on ‘system preferences”. It is the second options into the drop menu.
• Hit on Ethernet or Wi-Fi option, depending upon the mac connected to the web using Wi-Fi network or Ethernet network.
• Now you will see the IP address of the router that is written in form
Just keep in mind the IP address of router can be depending upon the router model and its manufacturer. Those were the simple steps that can be followed by you to find router IP address mac. Those are easy to follow and ensure that you are following correct set of directions to know about IP address easily.
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