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How to become a professional musician?

How to become a musician (amateur)?

“Make your life a dream, and a dream, a reality.” This quote from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry should be a mantra for all artists and especially for budding musicians. If the concept of becoming a musician amateur may seem absurd, know that many are content to move from one instrument to another, write two lines of text or ratatouille three guitar chords to be able to say … Amateur musician. Music lover, yes! While for a musician must (among others):

Having music as a reason to be!

First of all, to become a musician, you have to be passionate. Without passion, no success! The life of the pro musician or lover is made of obstacles: lack of recognition, end of difficult months, more and more competition, first not tricky… Your passion for music should be consuming and fill your dreams and lives.

Select an instrument!

To become a musician worthy of the name, you must choose a musical instrument. Guitar, saxophone, piano, turntables, or your voice, music can be interpreted in different ways in 1000. To progress faster, better apply themselves to play an instrument, a result of which you can tackle several devices.

Find a style of music!

Find his music style can be as important as choosing the instrument; the two are often linked. However, it is not to choose one and confine them, but rather to rely on, to find your brands and pins. You will see later that the musical styles mingle and intertwine, influence, and sometimes give birth to new forms of music, which will allow you to evolve and move in the direction you want.

Setting goals and sticking!

Now that the basics are established, it’s getting to work! A passionate musician was always looking to go further, but mostly, it gives objectives to better stick to it. That goal is to play at the wedding of your best friend, produce you in a bar, or master a classical music score that gives you a hard time for too long, a real musician will at the end of things, not only does the chorus.

How to become a professional musician?

The difference between an amateur musician and a professional musician is not just only for the experience of quality musical performances. The base is the same, the passion, the differences appear in small details, which sometimes look like anything, but especially in the vocation of the musician. An amateur musician will share merely his love, while a professional musician will also seek to live this passion.

I am studying music!

One of the keys to move from amateur to professional musician lies in the higher education of music. Without necessarily incorporate one of several national orchestras, through a school or conservatory will help you climb the steps faster. With CFEM (End Musical Studies Certificate), the DUMI ( University Diploma Musicians Speaker ), or DNESM (National Diploma of Higher Studies of Music) in a pocket, music scenes will open more easily!

Mastering a language and respect it!

The language of Molière, Dante, Goethe, or Shakespeare, whatever jargon or dialect you choose, you must master it! To sing or speak to your audience, use sparingly language will not make you grace. While giving substance to your words, structure your thoughts, you will raise the similar pros, for your most enormous pride.

Accept criticism for the Future!

To evolve and improve, it is essential to put aside his pride and accept criticism. For a songwriter, see his work criticized is probably one of the hardest things to take. It was evident that those who have started a music school will be more inclined to accept criticism — ditto for those who undertook musical studies later. But criticism will help you improve yourself, and that’s all that matters.

Be punctual, and be respectful!

Even if the delay is the politeness of artists as Andre Maurois, arriving on time is above all the respect for both your audience and organizers. There is little time you were almost desperate at the thought of not find concert dates, and now that you have one, you find a way to snub the clock … A professional musician is punctual if he wants to last!

Repeat like a refrain

As a sweet refrain, to become a musician, you have to repeat, repeat, and repeat to go further. Otherwise, the point of salvation even to the Music Festival in June!

As a sweet refrain, to become a musician, you have to repeat, repeat, and repeat to go further. Otherwise, the point of salvation even to the Music Festival in June!

Being on stage and at home!

A professional musician must be able to face an audience. At a concert, attendees are not present only for the music, they are there for a show, for a unique moment! If you are prone to shyness, especially be yourself and do not worry, this is practice makes perfect, it’s playing music … So you understand, nothing equals the experience!

Communicate and communicate!

Communication is the sinews of war. Having talent is one thing: know it is another! To find a place where produce is to find its audience to make his band must communicate. Social networking, blog, stickers, whatever the means used: communicate, communicate, communicate! And when a little known point, the tip of his nose must maintain relationships with your audience!

Register on a platform for musicians!

The platforms for a musician as Linkaband are good stepping stones, so to let you know that to find your audience. Think of it as a significant boost, as an accompaniment to the highest steps of success. By registering on a platform, you increase your visibility in a network dedicated to music, and you start working your presentation. In short, you go to the top category!

To become a professional musician, repeat, repeat, repeat!

You are a professional musician when …

You now know how to become a professional musician. And in no time, if all goes well and you give yourself entirely, some small signs and changes in your life will allow you to see that the step was taken! So you became a professional musician when:

You have a stage name that throws, and primarily that identifies you.

You should wear sunglasses to avoid being recognized in the street.

You are paid to exercise your passion. Also, to live music, you can make money with YouTube!

Your friends come to your music and not just to support you.

You can convey your passion as a music teacher would.

Whether you are about to become a pro musician or you already are, never forget that success is a fickle mistress that must always maintain! Do not hesitate to be accompanied and to register on platforms for musicians like Linkaband. They allow you to make yourself known and increase your chances of getting on stage! Musician friends, it is now time for me to take my leave, I tell you so good wind and the muses are with you!

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