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How to have a good vocal stamina?

All this requires great work to be able to refine his voice and improve his singing. Find out in this article, practical and easy tips to help you have good vocal stamina.

Warm up the voice before singing

The warm voice is the mandatory first thing to do if you want to sing justly. As in sports, this exercise can deliver better performance.

To begin your warm-up, you need to relax and have good posture. Breathe calmly and concentrate on belly breathing. If your jaw clenches, release. Once relaxed, run uphill and downhill lines in a cappella or with piano, without forcing you.

A good warm-up should last at least ten minutes and must not exceed 30. However, each person is different. You have to listen to his body, his voice, and his feelings. It allows less fatiguing the vocal cords and larynx.

Know that to have a good voice and be on top of your performance. You need 7 hours of rest to a minimum. Avoid at all costs, soft drinks, and dairy products, food too acidic before interpreting a song. And do not forget to drink water regularly and in sufficient quantity.

Work breathing

In most cases, loss of vocal power is linked to a breathing problem. Indeed, it all depends on your lungs! Thus, you need to master breathing techniques; otherwise, you’ll never get to sing properly. The practice of relaxation and meditation proves to be a good alternative to address them. You can also do yoga or gentle exercise based on breathing.

Here is a very simple technique to get more vocal ease. The exercise is to lie on your back by placing a large book on the torso. Stand up straight, do not lift your shoulders, do not raise your head. Breathe and try to feel and identify the parts of your body involved in this movement, ie, the ribs, abdominals, and pelvic floor.

Keep breathing until you run out of air. Then inhale slowly. The book should rise, but very few. Keep your lungs for 5 seconds and blow gently and gradually ensuring that the work does not fall sharply.

Learn to release the voice

Not knowing free voice often leads to a lack of power, but above all, endurance. This situation occurs when parts of the body tend to shrink, eg, the area at the base of the back of the skull, especially the neck. To successfully unlock these parts, practice the following exercises before going on stage:

Close your lips and made a “hmm” snapshot. While continuing this exercise, play with the position of your teeth and your tongue. Repeat a “hmm” by this time small circles of the nose without moving your shoulders. Finally, add vocalizations or sirens. After these movements, you will see that the areas in question will release naturally.

Besides, stretching can also be beneficial. To do this, make pelvic rotations. Lean on the right and the left by keeping your hands throughout the body. Then raise your arms to the sky to stretch the spine. Make a circle with your shoulders in one direction and then the other.

And finally, make rotations neck practicing similar movements. The position and the relaxation of the neck are very critical to issue a toned voice alive and well.

Projecting sound

Your performance will become ugly if you try to sing loudly. To have a strong and audible voice, you must exercise at the project optimally. Imagine that you sing for a person who is fifty meters.

To meet this challenge, you have to contract the perineum during the transmission of sound. Make an “sss” by contracting your abs this time. Always keep this “sss” until you ├ępuisiez your air reserve. And finally, release all your muscles. Repeat this exercise until you get to control your voice and breathing singing technique.

If you have trouble doing this exercise, working with a teacher, this will teach you to master the harmony of your voice tone. Indeed, a rich harmony voice is much easier to listen to a voice that swings all without calculating anything. You can also use resonators. It is them that make each unique voice. The smile also plays a key role. It helps to plan more easily your voice.


Maybe you do not know, but drink water brings benefits to the vocal cords. This body needs hydration to function well. Moreover, it is they who receive water when you drink any beverage. However, avoid carbonated and alcoholic beverages.

So, it is really important to consume a good amount of water several hours before the big show. And not only before, but during and after the show. From time to time, you can make inhalations for proper hydration of the vocal cords.

Eat healthy foods

There is no miracle food that you will increase your vocal stamina. However, certain foods will give you a boost. It is recommended to eat raw vegetables with a variety of vegetables, starchy foods like pasta or rice, hot drinks such as herbal teas with a little honey.

If you look, alcoholic beverages are drinking very sparingly, especially when you prepare for a concert or audition. Remove from the list of your dishes or acids dishes too spicy.

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