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How to increase his vocal power?

For now, your voice still leaves a sharp sound that borders the ears when you try to reach some high notes. Good news: you can remedy this. But to do this, you need to invest enough. By implementing these tips, you can, without a problem, increase your vocal power.

Warm up the voice

Whether it’s for the sake of singing in your room or to sing on stage, you must not forget to warm up your voice. Like an athlete who is embarking on a marathon, warming up, you will achieve the best performance while avoiding your injuries and possible accidents.

Contrary to what one might think, to achieve maximum power, do not push. Normally when you go through a proper warm-up, the maximum power arrives without forcing. But precisely what is a good warm-up? The first step is to find the right posture and the right mindset.

Then learn to breathe in and out through the belly. Once you are at ease, you can start exercising the different ranges. If you can, bring along notes of a keyboard. If you can not, this exercise also works perfectly in a cappella.

Realize vocal exercises 

Do you want more power in your voice? You must cause you much. However, it is not good to do it on a single song every time. Instead, you must learn to modulate your voice with several pieces. In this way, you will be able to master all music genres.

When you start singing, the songs that you used during practice are not the ones you hear on the radio regularly. There are, notably, on the internet, various books and pieces that allow you to exercise your voice, working your vocal power, every day. If you follow music classes, you will, certainly, songs that are meant for voice exercises.


The best singers are those who know how to manage, efficiently their breathing. Indeed, if you feel the vocal power is not at the rendezvous, it’s certainly because of a breathing problem.

To remedy this, you must learn to BREATHE. The first and most important rules to follow away to sing well: relaxation. If you are stressed or anxious, your breathing will not be stable, and this will influence greatly on your musical performance.

If you do not extinguish the tensions, the practice of meditation or yoga is a trick. You advise most professionals. These activities are based, in fact, good breath control, and that is what is needed here.

Get enough rest

The song can be considered a sport in itself. When you make a lot of effort, you are wasting a lot of energy. To recharge your batteries, you will need a minimum of rest. And that’s also what need your vocal cords. When you use them continuously, and at full power, they can become tired and even damaging.

Therefore, you have to give them the maximum rest. Between rehearsals or the entire concert, you have to stop at least 7 hours. You also need to listen to your body. If you feel particularly tired, if you are sleep deprived or if you are sick, it is better to take a break (at least until you feel, again, on foot).

If you force yourself, you risk a loss of voice, and it’s one of the worst fears of aspiring singers and professional singers.

Do not tense up

Singing is to liberate your voice. Unfortunately, everyone can not. And therein lies the concern when you want to increase your vocal power. If you want to enjoy your voice, you must release all parts of your body. Easier said than done, you say? You are right, because, in fact, certain areas of the body are difficult to release. So how to fix it?

It’s pretty simple, before going on stage or before repeating, think to practice these few exercises: make vibrate your lips, read phrases articulating well, do rotations with your shoulders and your head, and finally a little practice exercise of vocalizations. If you can and if you want, do mini-sessions of stretching. All this allows you to be completely comfortable with your body.

Hydrate well (enough)

You must not, under any circumstances, underestimate the importance of water when you sing (it to be at rehearsals, during your singing lessons and especially at concerts). It is important to understand that when you drink water, your vocal cords are the last to receive.

As vital organs hydrated first, you’ll have enough for the body that allows you to sing in tune and at full power. It is, therefore, needless to say, oh, you must drink water so that it reaches your vocal cords. And hydration should not only be done before going to sing but also during and after. But that drink? Nothing but water!

Stay away fears and fears

What are your main concerns before singing? Making a false note? Make a quack? Failing to reach a precise note? Or not find the right tone? Believe it or not, but the fact of stopping these potential “problems” will prevent you from fully enjoying your vocal power. To sing your most beautiful voice, do not particularly fear of ridicule. Even the greatest singers can make mistakes, so why stop these fears?

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