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How to make money with his music

Concerts and festivals will also earn you big

Many new artists tend to accept unpaid contracts show to launch their careers. On the other hand, some are struggling to occur for the first time for various reasons. In any case, remember that concerts and festivals are exciting ways to earn money through music.

However, do not make the mistake of playing too many concerts in one city or you will end up lowering your popularity.


This technique has become famous in recent years despite the market evolution in general. Crowdfunding can correctly help you finance a tour or a clip, but an album. Just make sure the campaign you leads to obtaining a result background so you can go to the end of your project.


Note that the fact of not singing should not keep you from protecting your works. You can even earn large sums on each piece as long as you defend your compositions. Each broadcast on radio or other media, you will receive shares. Note that the shows can be done online or not.

You will be legally free to ask your part as long as the tube is protected. Also, note that the higher your membership will air, the more you earn money.

Les sponsors

Understand that you can enjoy a share of a company sponsoring requests or other institutions if the music you create is approaching their targets. Thus, you can receive financial and logistical support, and many more. Everything will depend on the situation and the quality of your music. In all cases, you will also have negotiation skills to get more rates.

Sales of musical support

Whatever the developments in technology, it is always essential to have physical media for each composition you will make. This is beneficial for both the artist and the fans who will not hesitate to buy CDs and vinyl records from their favorite singers.

Be sure you make a good return on investment by choosing this option. Note that even the lives you make can be sold for a reasonable price, especially if you add a few words of dedication.

Online sales with streaming

The purchase of streaming with the albums took up much space on the music market. Indeed, most artists use this medium to make a lot of money in recent years. You can, for example, build upon streaming services offered by Spotify, but also sales of online music provided by iTunes.

This will not prevent you either you go to other sites if you deem it necessary.

Do not hesitate to become a composer for others

You have a lot of talent in writing or composition, but you do not develop your voice? Do not be discouraged, because it is possible to write for other artists to become. You can also do the same for film music or commercials. You will see that you will make a lot of income by choosing this option.

Opt for merchandising

Both physical and dematerialized, merchandising is a method to enhance the sale of CDs. This is usually done during a concert as well as on the internet. Since you will be selling T-shirts and stickers as well as digital products, know that you can also choose other means to sell.

The goal is that your music earns you money. Note that the power of the online store you will be of great importance in this situation.

Why not music lessons?

It is entirely possible to make money with music by giving music lessons. You could, for example, provide classes on instruments using your compositions at each course. Moreover, it is noteworthy that many musicians have opted for this option to make a living. Furthermore, it does not take too many conditions, such as on stage or doing shows in the street.

A show in the street

Admittedly, doing shows on the road is not seen favorably by some artists who want to become famous. However, remember that it will let you know if people will like or dislike your tubes. Moreover, passersby probably give you some coins if you play well. It could also be that someone notices you and decides to throw you in the deep end.

Using social networks

Remember that social networks have taken much space in today’s society. Publishing your tubes on YouTube can, for example, generate a certain amount provided that you do things correctly.

Using music as a picture

In granting the use of music in an advertisement or a TV show and a film, you will pay for certain rights concerning audiovisual synchronization. For the price, it will depend on how people use your music.

You will have to take account of the production budget used by the brand that intends to use the song. Artists like this method, because of the interest rates they can get.

You can be a musician session

Do you have a good mastery of an instrument or even more? Know that you can offer your services by becoming a musician for other artists. For this, you will have the chance to play a concert with their songs or use your instrument with the album of the artist. Fans will hear your creation of the artist.

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