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How to play bass Country?

In the beginning, the new immigrants were simple peasants and had only rudimentary musical instruments. Today, most major brands of instruments developed quality appliances, with a sound ability unusual. To play Country, artists mainly need:

  • A string instrument: banjo, bass, mandolin, …
  • a harmonica

The first string instruments in country music

The instruments used in country music have changed over time. At first, the orchestras were using bass and classical mandolin, which is being replaced by the American mandolin.


Also called “grandmother,” the bass is used in folk, rockabilly, Country, and Bluegrass in jazz formations. Belonging to the family of violins, it is easily recognized by its size of about 1.80m on average. It provides a deep sound of the drum, which is ensured by the quality of the manufacture of wood:

  • Spruce for the table
  • Ebony and maple for the fingerboard

As for the strings, they can be made of steel, nylon, or gut. To play, simply pinching or dragging a bow on it, a technique called “Arco.” Most often, the double bass is equipped with only four strings, tuned in serious MI, LA, RE, and SOL.

The American mandolin

The American mandolin, also known mandolin country, is an evolution of the classical mandolin. Created by Orville Gibson, this new instrument, published in the 20 century in the United States, is used in the Bluegrass and Country.

The American mandolin is known for its power, which is largely greater than that of its European counterparts. With eight strings, grouped by two games, it is played with a pick or plectrum.

You should know that the American mandolin comes in several models:

The Type F or Florentine, whose gills are F

The Type A that is almond-shaped, with an oval soundhole

The bass, indispensable in country music

In the 60s, the bass guitar, also known as Low, replaced the double bass in most popular music, because it was too cumbersome. In addition, this instrument has been designed to increase the power of acoustic instruments in country music and Rock’n’Roll.

It must be mentioned that Paul Turmac has already designed several prototypes to the 30s, but it was not until 1951 that Leo Fender was able to release his first model, called the Precision bass.

What is interesting in the lower story is that originally, it was the only instrument to be amplified, and today, there are acoustic versions. The acoustic bass is often found in folk records, blues or jazz, but are less common.

In principle, a low has four strings, although some models are fitted with 5 or 6. fretless basses are devoid of frets, like the basses.

In practice, the bass is the instrument which will act on the rhythm of music, and a bit of its melody. The bassist’s role is to mark certain parts of a song, to provide support to the battery.

The different models’ Basses

In the market, you have to make your coffee of choice among four known types. The most common is “Precision bass.”

P-Bass Bass Accuracy

This model is the first instrument of its kind to have been born in 1951, the Fender factories. The name “Precision Bass” is explained by the fact that the handle is shrunk, unlike the basses. We can count on twenty frets on the standard models.

Another point that makes the originality of this model, the microphone called “split-coil pickup,” which can be the single or double coil, separated into two parts. The first part covers the strings of serious and Mi La, while the other covers the Re and Sol. Ideally, it should be close to the bridge, so that the instrument can deliver a powerful, heavy, and versatile.

La Jazz Bass

In creating the P-Bass, Leo Fender wanted to convert jazz musicians in its concept. After the growing success of its first model, he decided to design another instrument with a very precise schedule of charges, which was founded in 1960.

Called Jazz Bass, this model has two single-coil windings uniform, which replaces the split-coil pickup. Its handle is also refined, allowing the strings to be closer and comfort of play. 

The Jazz Bass microphones provide sound versatility of the instrument, with a boost mids and a sound hard and clear the bridge.

Ponds Fretless

The lack of frets can be perceived as a homecoming, approaching the layout of a bass. Yet despite this lack, Fretless bass keeps the same characteristics as a P-Bass. More difficult to play these sisters, direct contact of the ropes on the wood yet allows a warmer and continuously.

The main advantage of these models is the fact that their tonal possibility is endless. They can perform a variety of notes.

The ERB or extended bass range

The ERB or Extended-Range bass is bass guitar models the most impressive. Tell a wide range. They are equipped with more than four strings, increasing the number of notes you can play with the instrument.

The types of the most common ERB have 5-6 ropes. However, there are models rarer that defy understanding, and have a dozen strings, with a very wide sleeve.

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