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How to protect musical composition

Why did you need to protect your composition?

Surely you did not yet launch in the music while writing the lyrics. Except that nobody knows what the future holds, this is why you should protect your good composition. By cons, we must admit that no one forces you to do it at the risk of penalizing you.

Also, you probably do not appreciate your music to be humming proudly by another person without being asked permission. It could even be that the singer goes up to his name as a composer. Plagiarism or an attack by an artist in lousy faith could cause you big problems.

In this situation, you must be in the position to prove that you are the real owner of the song. Note that each singer who wants to use your membership, you must pay a certain amount depending on the agreement you spend with the person concerned.

On the other hand, legislation is strict about copyright. This is attributed to the composer when he finished writing the lyrics, even if the song is not yet protected.

Note that you should create an original work so you can get right. Otherwise, you could expose yourself to big legal trouble. Moreover, the court is the only court authorized to make the verdict in case of dispute over copyright.

How to effectively protect a musical composition

Several methods can be used to preserve artistic work. This will depend only of the owner in question. Namely, that some options may incur additional costs, while the others are free. Also, the guarantees will not always be the same on the songs.

A deposit at the BNF (National Library of France)

Much less known to the public, the deposit at the BNF is a completely free option. This is since the composition is considered an artistic work.

By cons, you must take into account that your song will be publicly available once you drop at the BNF. Furthermore, the way you make the deposit will be done as per your convenience. You could, for example, choose audio files or CDs, but also partitions and much more.

the RAR

By opting for the “RAR,” you’ll put your composition away from everyone, and you do not have to pay a vast fortune. To do this, you send support to … yourself through the mail while waiting for an acknowledgment. Consider the printed paste de la Poste at the opening of the envelope to seal it.

By cons, you should be careful not to open it once you receive it. Also, make sure that the envelope does not deteriorate over time. You will probably need it before a judge in case of copyright problems.

Warehouse in the INPI

You only have to go with the INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property), which will guarantee an envelope “Soleau” in recognition of your work. Less expensive, you can help yourself to the filing date of the composition in case of a dispute.

Note that the cost of the envelope is only 15 euros every five years. You will have a pocket with two compartments, but with identical content. Add to that. You must not forget to add scores of the song, because it is of great importance.

Online Filing

For this option, you should visit the website of the INPI that will give you access to many portals with identical services. The cost of protecting your composition will vary from 10 to 30 euros per tube.

You could accompany protection against a timestamp certificate validated by a bailiff. Make sure the file is fully loaded to obtain a validation key. The intervention of a bailiff will be of great help in case of a dispute.

What of SNAC and SACEM

These two options are the most used by music professionals for reasons that many observers still unaware of.

  • SNAC

The National Union of Composers Authors can ideally help you protect your musical works. This can serve as an alternative to the “E-Soleau” or “Blockchain.” For this, you only have to pay 35 euros to protect your works in an envelope. This can be a batch of 1 to 8 short texts or 1 to 4 songs, but also a bunch of 1 to 4 musical compositions.

A receipt will be provided once you deposit your works. This will serve as proof that you have protected your makeup correctly. Your work will be protected for five years renewable. Note that the SNAC takes into account that paper partitions. Other media types are automatically rejected.

Also, you will not receive any money for copyright opting for this option.


The members of the SACEM (Society of Authors, Composers, and Music Publishers) will adequately defend their rights and interests regarding their works. To join this company, you should have at least five music in your category while having the proof that you have already used at least one practice.

Note that the protection of your compositions will depend on the category in which they are located. As a composer, you must pay an entrance fee of 154 euros. Remember to make the declaration of each work you create from the date of your entry before use.

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