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How to record a musical composition?

The materials needed to begin

To have a better record, you should primarily serve you a mic or headphones without forgetting the external sound card. This is essential since the internal sound card of a computer can be difficult to bear any sound recording.

Besides, an external card is also equipped with more advanced connectivity, to name the “Midi” or “optical.” The current market offers many packages home studio and ideal for multiple uses. Do not forget some accessories such as microphone stands, filters, and feet.

These elements help to protect the microphone from each record. Make sure you have the equipment and accessories needed to record your compositions.

Find the right software

You can not produce sound with a minimum of quality if you do not have at least a high-performance software. Some are paid while others are not always.

The free software

You can start your recordings with free software, especially if you plan still buy a home studio. This software is easy to use, yet powerful. For example, you could opt for “Audacity” or “Podium.” The first is known as a fundamental element with a little old interface judged by professionals. Besides, it can be used on Mac and Windows.

Moreover, this software will facilitate your learning in music. “Audacity” is not able to make recordings from keyboards and virtual instruments.

On the other hand, the software “Podium” offers more modern interfaces closer to those used by professionals. Whatever your choice, you will always have access to plug-ins, which are servant’s effects to capture support the signals to each record.

The paid software

In addition to offering more options on recording capability, commercial software is not as expensive as it sounds. The best known of these programs are Acid, Cubase, Pro Tools, and Sonar, but FLP.

  • Acid: This software, developed by Sony, is the most affordable among the recording software. Besides, it offers many possibilities. For this reason, it is ideal for beginners in the field of recording.
  • Cubase, Pro Tools, and Sonar, these three software is more popular with experienced professionals in the field of music. The price of these items worth the trouble if you want to change in the area. Aside from the free trial version, there are versions “mainstream” of such software that can be acquired.
  • Fruity Loop Studio: professional music recording tends to use this software because of the qualities it offers each use. Moreover, this software can quickly produce electronic compositions that once the masters. Fruity Loop Studio, or FLP, was made to meet all your expectations specifically.

Other items to consider

Plug-ins and other virtual elements to be taken into account for musical compositions.

The plug-ins (also known as VST effect)

Add them to your database software will help you improve your compositions. This will save you the weariness of always using the same basis of impact. You could, for example, download the free effects “PNSG,” which almost resembles the “Autotune.” You should know that professional producers are willing to spend up to 10,000 euros to use the results of some plug-ins.

Virtual Instruments 

Commonly known by the name of VSTI, these virtual instruments, you can also be a great help if you do not have time to register your tool. You will see that the results are almost the same as the real instruments. You could also use the “Tal Bass Line” to make things easier.

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Note that you could record the instruments one after the other, before moving on to your voice.

  • The guitar: the recording of the guitar should not take you much time. Just that you place a microphone, with one foot in front of your amp, then, of configuring the software before you begin, to give you a good signal.
  • Battery: for saving the battery, you may want to use a virtual drum machine. Without this box, it remains loops that are also very effective. Note that these are all available on some processors, her to name Acoustica Mixcraft or GarageBand.
  • Keyboards: First, you need to take into account the fact that there are several types of keyboards. In all cases, you’ll need to connect the instrument to the computer. An audio cable is the most practical. Remember that you can also use the keyboard, control apparatus of a synth. For this, you will need a MIDI cable or USB cable. You only have to listen to recordings using headphones or speakers, such as those used in the studios.
  • Other instruments can be added: to be able to directly record each tool you want to add to your composition, you only that you connect a microphone to your computer before making the necessary adjustments. It will do more than play the instrument of your choice like an accordion or a violin or a saxophone.
  • The voice, the voice recording is to achieve in the last places. You can use a microphone you connect directly to your computer. Rock Band or Guitar Hero models are the most appreciated by professionals to perform these types of records.

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