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How to succeed every concert

The basic rules for playing a concert

The following characteristics are to prioritize when you step on stage for the first time.

First, play with passion. Although this is only the first time, you have to play as if it was the last concert of your life. Remember that you have spent thousands of tests to get to this stage. In this case, you should take advantage of this time and chance that is offered. This will also allow you to leave room for your passion while adding energy to your songs.

Then you must be spontaneous. A complete artist should not be afraid to be spontaneous. This inevitably encourages the audience to sing and dance along with your own pace. You could play big by doing this in certain moments. But, remember that it can also awaken the public. You will turn your concert in magical and unforgettable.

Finally, do not hesitate to engage the public, public participation is not to be confused with spontaneity, even though both may have a resemblance. The involvement of the spectators can show several forms. You could, for example, invite them to sing with you or raise his arms in the air. Everything will depend on the concert you will make.

Always improve what we do

You just played your first gig? Be sure that you will play in the other if you have taken the beginning properly. Remember that you could improve your performance to increase your notoriety while healing your image. Here, how:

  • Interrogate fans: do not waste time to do a survey of your fans after the end of the concert. You could send emails or to a study from the website of your group. Using a hashtag on Twitter could also help you to know the public opinion.
  • Save each concert: it is essential to know that you’ll have no idea you went on stage. You will have the opportunity to remember this when you watch the video of your first concert. Admittedly, this can be difficult at first. But you will eventually get used to overtime. Also, this will help you improve.
  • Feedback from an objective source is essential: no need to settle the opinions of the spectators to make things better. The programmer or the staff who organized the concert may also have ideas about what you did on stage without forgetting the manager and the family members.
  • Do not stop playing: the error after a first concert is to say that the contracts will rain and neglect repetitions. You never know what might happen. This is why you should always play.

The reflex to remember during the concert

The following items are not directly related to your performance. But you may be sure they will be useful for the rest of your career.

First, the mailing list. Once the public has your full attention during the concert, take a few seconds to remind them of your mailing list to complete before leaving. The goal is that you can stay in touch with your fans.

And do not underestimate advertising, so do not forget to put a few words on the release of your new album and vinyl. Even new accessories dedicated to spectators must be mentioned during the concert.

Then there are the thanks. Understand that you will not pass the concert without some people, like the sound engineer or booker. In this case, you could thank them in public. This will always be beneficial.

Finally, take pleasure, because it is essential to have fun when you’re on stage. Remember that you are playing music. In this case, you should also have fun.

How to play the first part?

You will probably have to play in the first part of a concert in the future. In this case, you should do things properly so as not to miss you.

  • Farewell whims: please note that this is to know your group you will play the first part of a concert. In this case, it is not good to be too greedy and careless. The goal is that you get to know your group, but not to play the superstars.
  • Do what you have to do: play the first part does not mean that the stage will be to you all alone. You should respect the start and the end of your game. Make sure the audience remembers your name before you go.
  • Acknowledgments: do not forget to thank the room and the person that allowed you to play that first game. Also, include groups that played during the evening is a sign of recognition that’s always fun.

Take Action

  • Although select targets: first determine the type of concert that suits you and the group with whom you wish to share the stage. Send an email with a promotional kit to their agent while emphasizing your availability to play in the first game. You should then inform you about the date of the concert.
  • Bind with the managers’ room and developers: the room managers and concert promoters shall be consulted about the idea of ​​the first part. You must have good arguments to convince.
  • Do not stand idly: be on the lookout for any occasion. For this, we must not wait until someone calls you. Take the phone to ask for the possibility of collaboration whenever you get the chance.
  • Self-promotion is essential: please note that your group does not always appear on the concert posters. You should you manage to know, such as informing the local media with a press release.

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