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Lucky boy, you are! Since you do not intend to professionalize you in this area, you say that it is quite useless to work your voice — a big mistake. Instead, you need a way to fine-tune your sound, broaden your musical range, improve your vocal technique, etc. Here are some tips to help you get from that place.

Work your mind

Beginners singers who are struggling to progress and improve their voices are those who do not know that singing is intimately connected to what’s in the head. Your emotions, your feelings, and your feelings greatly influence the outcome you will get.

Concretely, what does this mean and what should you do? It’s simple: to have a beautiful voice, you need to be prepared mentally and physically. In short, everything depends on your state of mind. As long as you are calm and healthy, you can not be having a voice that exudes health.

Warm-up your vocal cords

Do you have a tavern insight? Or want to sing karaoke with friends? Whatever the time, heating is required. Otherwise, you run the risk of not having the right vocal power. And the most critical part of the vocal warm regards vocal cords, the only instrument that enables the human being to sing. All you need for this, sing your scales from the lowest to the most acute.

Décrispez your face

The face is perhaps the most sensitive part of tensions. And yet, when you face relaxed, it’s easier to go to the people and make a good impression. When you sing, it is essential to unlocking your face before anything else. How to do it? There are some techniques learned by professional singers:

  • When you feel tense, first open your jaw by letting some drop so that it is ajar. After this gesture, you can already release a lot of pressure.
  • You can then tackle the area where your eyes and forehead are. To do this, release the tension in your eyebrows and your eyelids. Think of nothing and make no effort. Just be allayed.
  • Then comes the exercise hinge. Open your mouth, vibrate your lips, and show your teeth. You can read aloud, saying throated sentences deployed while having not especially afraid of ridicule. Do not let you block anything.


Do you feel like you lose your breath when you sing? Feeling that something is blocking your throat when you speak? This is undoubted because you move your neck too. And this position you will deplete your stock air far too quickly. As you sing or you speak, you take generally not used to straighten your posture.

This is an excellent harm to your voice. Keep your neck straight. The torso Dish it and tuck the chin. If you have trouble adopting this posture, remember to practice your sticking for a few seconds a day, your back to the wall with arms outstretched. You will be amazed that this simple posture will improve your vocal power and your breath.

Breathe through the stomach

Your vocal power from your belly. Usually, we take a chest breathing, which is not the best breathing technique for singers. If you want to have a beautiful voice, so you must take a belly breathing. But how to get there? Lie on a flat surface well, and put a book on your chest. The exercise is successful when you do not drop the book by inflating sufficiently lungs.

Be heard

To effectively exercise your vote, you must learn to be heard. But beware, you must understand that to maximize your vocal power, do not scream.

This rule is essential in all musical styles but holds more importance in lyric music. So what should you do? The objective here is to play with your perineum and your abs when you sing. This “safe” is the only key to reaching the most distant sounds.

Work the beginning of a song

How to recognize a mediocre singer with a good singer? The first considers, not usually the beginning of a song during his performances. It is crucial to take the time to analyze his attacks and repeat his primers. As long as you are not completely satisfied, keep repeating.

Modulate your voice through the vowels

To sing quite right, you must understand the importance of vowels in speech modulation. It is for this very reason that the “o” sound, “yes,” and “gold” are often heard during the vocal exercises given in singing lessons. They act directly on the pharynx, larynx and allows, therefore, a greater voice accuracy. And this, without having to make much effort.

Work your vocal tone

If there was only one tip to remember, it should be at the top of your list. Your vocal tone is this “little thing” that will differentiate you from other singers. To begin, you must learn to find your stamp. How? ‘Or’ What?

By being yourself and letting your personality to express themselves fully. Once you have found the right tone, you can start by working through the extension of his vocal range and breath control. Remember also that it is singing that you will become a good singer.

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