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What is the wine of honor?

Some of you are wondering, ” wine of honor, what is it? “Well, the wine of recognition is what can be called a cocktail or a wedding aperitif. Petit interlude between the civil ceremony and religious and dinner, this reception is useful in several respects, mainly if you use a professional musician!

Invite whoever you want!

The wine reception allows you to invite who you want, not necessarily their offer to stay for the rest. Copains d’Avant, coworkers, friends, parents, extended family, you can ask all these people just for the cocktail! By this simple act, you strengthen, and you keep the links while allowing the guests to enjoy a band for a wedding cocktail! In the end, everyone is happy!

Enjoy your guests!

The wine reception allows guests to enjoy all your guests after the vaguely crossed during the wedding ceremony and the launch of rice (or confetti). This is the right moment for reunions and discussions in small groups. You can also take the opportunity to thank your guests for coming (especially those who come from far away), and it will even have the chance to take some pictures with them!

Mix before dancing!

The wine reception is also the opportunity to push the families and groups of friends to mix to get better acquainted. To achieve this, you can do it yourself presentations, but as we have established, this little interlude is a moment of decompression. The second solution is to use the talents of a music group wine of honor that will push your guests closer together.

Break out the tissues!

At a wedding, there are two times when we can shed a tear and remove the handkerchiefs. There is, of course, the wedding climax when two people who love to say “yes” to life. And there’s the time when the witnesses will make a speech. The wine reception may be the time. What better after so many emotions (and stress) than attending the expression of happiness of those who love you and surround you!

How successful the wine of honor?

Now that you know precisely what reception and why it is useful, there are some issues to address, such as musical entertainment, to have a good time:

Choosing alcohol: some cranks offer a drink to marriage. If this is your case, remember to distribute different types of spirits in light of the course of your wedding. As such, during the wine reception, avoid proposing any hard liquor a panoply! Champagne, wine, and a couple of cocktails with gin or rum should amply suffice! It is equally important to think about those who do not drink alcohol!

Time is now: do not forget to indicate the end time of the wine of honor if some of your guests are not invited to the dinner and dance party! Otherwise, show courtesy and imagination to mean the end of the wine of honor!

Divide the speech: It has been established that the wine of honor could be an ideal time for the address of witnesses or any other person wishing to intervene. However, if your cookies are many talkative and loved ones, consider distributing these interventions throughout the evening. Some speech during the cocktail, another beginning of the meal, another in the middle of meals, etc …

Animation: Consider holding a small animation cocktail, like a magician for children and adults, always appreciated. Of course this should not prevent you to hire a band for wine of honor , quite the contrary! Music is the wedding entertainment par excellence!

Choose music to honor wine to enjoy your guests opt for a light and unobtrusive musical performance or outright only instrumental. Put yourself in agreement with the musicians, upstream, on your choices, and your expectations!

A reception with music!

The music is inseparable from the success of your wine reception! Why? It explains that you 7 points!

The wine reception to decompress music!

The wine reception is the first decompression chamber on this crazy day! As the cocktail begins, that is to say, around 19h. This has got to be 24 or 48 that you have not blown or decompressed. Well, this is an opportunity to finally take a glass of wine (or other) and let you wear a few musical notes, subtly announcing a wild evening.

A little warm for musicians!

Like any artist, a musician to honor wine also needs to ramp up during his performance. The wine reception is ideal for this “warming” because what follows is usually the musical climax: the dance! And there, no mercy! That swing, rock it, in short, it rocks, so much as the wedding live band is hot as hell, right?

A warm-up for you and your guests!

By a significant place to the music during your cocktail reception, your guests as they begin to warm up. In agreement with the musicians, make sure that the rate increases slowly, but not too much, you do not want a horde of guests transpiring with stomach while back! Moreover, it is also why it is better to turn to music professionals.

The music grows in meetings!

The wine reception is the first real-time where your guests and the groups they form (families, friends, work colleagues …) are finally going a little mix! And to our knowledge, there is nothing better in the world than music to make people meet. So choose jazz music or a musical atmosphere like the lounge!

The music marks the spirits!

Sure, music risk (in the proper sense) to be ubiquitous, but just a song to awaken in us lost memories or unexpected … Like the rest of the day, this moment will be linked to some songs that will remain etched in your minds and those of your guests, especially if the music for your wedding is played live!

To broaden the repertoire!

You can confine you to book a jazz or gypsy jazz, but the wine of honor also allows to explore different styles of music from the rest of the wedding. As the objective is to enjoy the moment with music, why not focus on French music or bossa nova to begin to get into the musical atmosphere smoothly …

To take the temperature musical!

The wine reception can allow your band for a wedding cocktail to be close to your guests and thus make the musical temperature. Accordingly, some of your friends or your family might even whisper a few musical requests to the whispers of your musicians. In short, everyone learns to know, and everyone celebrates your union with music!

Find your happiness with Linkaband!

You understand! A music band for your wine reception can also band office for your meal to your evening entertainment and even for the wedding the next day (at Linkaband we see it big!)! Regarding the paperwork and the fare for a band for your wedding, that of transparency and fair price as you need!

So you have more typing tirelessly wedding cocktail music group or wedding cocktail on Google! Relax, let us support you and above all, whatever your musical tastes, with us you can find musicians ranging from pop to jazz to rock and salsa … So make your choice!

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