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Top tips for singing on guitar notes

The most passionate endeavor to learn to combine the two disciplines. This is not impossible since many musicians are well succeeded.

Why is it difficult to play and sing at the same time?

The automation assimilated by the human brain process allows it to combine several activities at the same time during their daily lives. Indeed, it is very simple to cook, and both listen to the radio or to go downstairs and talk simultaneously.

Nevertheless, when it comes to sing and play guitar at the same time, the approach quickly becomes somewhat more complex. The most recurrent complications involve the placement of his voice on the chords, accompaniment rhythm, or respect for the melody.

Situations like these can cause adverse effects. Indeed, they become very uncomfortable very easily, causing frustration, nervousness, disappointment related to a sense of failure, loss of confidence, or worst of his passion.

Register to keep the tempo

The first board was successful with several guitarists who wanted to accompany the sound of their guitar by singing. The only tools needed are guitar, phone, song lyrics, and his vocal cords.

The approach can be summarized in four key steps:

  • Register only playing the guitar. The recording then form the basis of support for the singer to be exercised on it
  • Play rhythm or without notes, above the recorded tape
  • Add the song to the rhythmic
  • Add the agreements if the vocal-rhythmic combination is successful

The principle of this method is based on the division of activities into smaller pieces so that the brain can assimilate easily one after the other. The habit will make them less complex and easier to combine in the future.

Learning to moderate the intensity

The musical cohesion is less clear whether the guitarist is playing with a singer. The affected must agree to certain levels to promote better interpretation, especially before an audience. If the player plays both the role of the singer, he encounters less difficulty in making a real consistency in his performance.

However, it is imperative to know the nuances intensities when the two roles are played by the same actor. Accents of sung and played together maybe less good to hear. Exercises preferred in this case are:

  • Start singing and playing monotonously regardless shades
  • Continue the same exercise but by promoting a song and a more dynamic game (more emphases)
  • always practice the same exercise but softer
  • Varying the tones of his vocal cords and the sounds of his guitar (Milder with more pronounced) gradually

Then to train to mix. So, to create contrast, play a very strong song accompanied by a sweet song. It should eventually reverse the roles: sing louder and play more softly. Combining the two practices as his inspirations. In general, the beginning of a musical presentation of this kind is done in a more gentle way to start better on strong accents.

Working his singing and guitar playing

During the performance, the song remains more important than the melody of the guitar. The pace is imposed on singing. Thus, it is essential to know to detect in order to establish the appropriate harmony better there. 

Otherwise, inconsistency and unwelcome instability will make your performance a failure that you will never forget.

Therefore, it is recommended to perform very frequent plays exercises and regular rehearsals. If necessary, please feel free to register and try interpretation with the accompaniment of the guitar.

As for the guitar, it has no pace. The choice belongs to the musician. He decided to bet on a soft melody or a more dynamic accompaniment. At least, this instrument remains insignificant.

On the contrary, the material will, in a first step, the support on which the edge should be adapted. But also, it will decorate the whole song throughout the performance. For the beginners, the simplest rhythms are recommended. Too complicated agreements are strongly discouraged. We must let the professionals currently. And a certain concentration is in order.

For the more experienced, the recommendations go to the complex and melodious games. This involves more than going back and forth from the bottom up and so on. In whose interest?

Improve the parts that are already mastered

It is important to know that perfect knowledge of the rhythms on the guitar can contribute to a better focus on the singing part. Indeed, the fingers grow faster automatism As exercises.

This will allow the musician to both the singer overlook this detail in order to focus more on the development of her singing as well as its synchronization with the guitar.

The best-known practices encourage singing in his head after the guitar part is mastered. This will actually see if the concentration, consistency, and nuances are present.

If other pieces of training would still be necessary, perseverance is required since this is an art that requires a willingness and incomparable patience as in all other fields where the pickiest prove most talented.

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