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What is a guitar “Dreadnought”?

Having struggled to break into the market in the beginning, the “Dreadnought” guitar is today considered the folk screen par excellence. Indeed, the model has accompanied several famous guitarists during their performance. This allowed him to become one of the most popular instruments in the world.

Due to the size somewhat imposing, even cumbersome his sounding board, it is strongly discouraged guitarists smaller jigs. However, the most impressive stature allows it to serve a more powerful sound compared with those issued by other formats.

Renowned for its success in more serious tones, it is especially suited to picking technique but also works for rhythm. This does not imply any failure in the high notes. This is enough to prove a certain versatility that you want to play in the fireplace or even on stage.

The legendary acoustic guitar, “Dreadnought.”

The guitar “Dreadnought” draws its name in honor of a great English warship, inspired by the first manufacturer known as Martin. Considered the standard audio format, it is part of the family of musical instruments models most popular internationally.

Its creation dates to around the year 30. As impossible as it may seem, it has struggled to convince the followers of guitars these days. The size of the instrument has earned him many reproaches accusing discouraging as too cumbersome, especially for smaller riders. Indeed, his sounding board was designed to distinguish itself from traditional dimensions of the time, involving a wider body and more imposing.

However, this form allows it to out of far more powerful sound. This model seems obviously fare better in the lowest notes. This ability has long troubled many guitarists used to lower and less resonant tones.

Country music has greatly contributed to the launch of the Dreadnought. Indeed, this guitar owes its reputation today to the growing popularity of this musical genre.

Thus, it is very fast becoming an accompanying instrument par excellence of several artists. This allowed him to progress gradually unanimously at the hearing. Now she is omnipresent in all of the various musical styles.

A more satisfactory than expected growth

Several versions of the Dreadnought were subsequently created. In particular, the first D-45, having an elongated body and a handle 12 frets, proved especially costly to manufacture. During the period of its design, it was marketed and cost $ 200. There is no doubt that she held this exorbitant price for its personalized nature and beads decorations and inlays.

The arrival of the new Dreadnought Rosewood sides then took place in 1956: the D-21. In 1965, another version of the innovative encrusted Dreadnought (D-35). It comprises a back three parts. Also, the model manages to gain public approval.

Five years later, the acoustic guitars have gained fresh momentum. The production of this kind of guitar is strongly increased. In detail, a specialist company designing Dreadnought pass production of 507 D-28 in 1961 to a total of 5466 in ten years. Nearly 30,000 Dreadnoughts are sold during the five years that followed.

Increasingly widespread, the Dreadnought is the instrument of choice renowned guitarists and won several awards for “Player’s Choice Awards” magazine “Acoustic Guitar.” She is such honored time and again from the top spot in the 2000 rankings, 2006, 2011, and 2014.

To mark the 100th anniversary of Martin Dreadnought in 2016, the manufacturer has decided to release the documentary “The Ballad Of The Dreadnought.” It tells the complete story of this iconic instrument from its beginnings to today.

With many considerable strengths

The Dreadnought format is the most popular version in the folk genre. Highly appreciated by American folk musicians, this model has become emblematic. At present, it is more popular than ever before.

Many strengths to be reckoned to allow this guitar to stand out from the crowd. This includes such feats in the rhythmic exercises in the accompaniment of singing and picking.

However, his greatest performance lies in its might, which made the public somewhat hesitant in its beginnings. Nevertheless, low tones clearly present explain the interest that now bears her many guitarists. To know that this famous guitar is also characterized by very brilliant highs.

Not necessarily suitable for everyone

Despite many significant strengths, the model may have some disadvantages for certain categories of guitarists. Its compact size becomes annoying, mostly, for guitarists of small sizes, including women and children.

In addition, the Dreadnought does not seem very appropriate for instrumentalists looking for a unique personality. The sounds described as somewhat boilerplate are too common to the tastes of some musicians.

Additional formats may alleviate the concern related to the comfort of the player. Among others, the Jumbo said format was exceptionally designed to promote better ergonomics. Always favorable to rhythmic practices, it is less suited to picking. This model seems to know great success with pop musicians. However, you will have more trouble with the low notes despite good sound projection.

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