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What music for a funeral?

But if you read these words, but also want to celebrate the life, passion, joy of this being lost. Today between a sometimes too solemn funeral, almost without identity, and extravagant funeral, there is a balance that will make sincere farewell while finding a form of appeasement: music for burial.

In many ways, music soothes, calms, hearts, and minds, but mostly, it celebrates life. Must still deciding what music is best suited for both circumstances to honor the deceased’s life: classical, gospel, jazz, variety.

The music and the deceased

A funeral possible to gather, remember, but also to celebrate. Celebrating the life of the dead, the person he was. This celebration can have different expressions, and music is one of them. To make the right choice of music, ask yourself what his relationship to music, what song or what words made him vibrate and cause that he loved listening to songs.

The deceased’s favorite music

That the dead was a single musician or music lover, there is inevitably a song that made him smile, which by dint of being played, was no longer one with its identity, characterized him: his favorite music. Think of all those times when the first notes of the song, an uncontrollable sense of well being invaded, and you’ll know it’s the music where you need to go.

The music in tribute to the deceased

The music is the perfect instrument to render homage to the dead, his life, his memories, and his passions. For this tribute, several music tracks can be interpreted, each reflecting a crucial moment in his life or just a simple memory etched in the minds. Between two pieces, you can speak, read a poem, a simple text, or the lyrics of a song.

The ” Song of the snails that go to the funeral ” of Jacques PrĂ©vert is, as such, almost a must for eulogies, like “Tomorrow at Dawn” by Victor Hugo or “Farewell” by Guillaume Apollinaire. The French language is generous and poetic, enjoy it to pay their last tribute.

The music, the late and you

It is also essential for those around him to be in this farewell. For this, you can select many songs and musical pieces that celebrate your relationship with the deceased. Holidays, weddings, unforgettable evenings, youth nonsense … life is often full of moments of joy and sharing. The largest being able to feel again the presence of being disappeared.

The music for funerals

During funeral ceremonies, the choice of music is sometimes apparent, sometimes complicated. This is why some decide to fall back on the “classic.” Indeed, some musical works, regardless of style, can help you express the words that you can not find, or you’re struggling to make. You can also leave musicians with a music group to communicate through their interpretations of what you feel.

Classical music

During the funeral ceremonies, some music is more appropriate than others, but ultimately the choice is yours. Again, this is primarily to honor the life of the deceased but also to appease the heart of those present. Spiritual or not, the selected pieces may be unavoidable that we appoint for this type of ceremony, like the Piano Sonata No. 2, Funeral March of Chopin, or the Requiem Mass in D minor Mozart.

Contemporary music

You can also choose music or more modern songs to accompany your grief, from the famous ” Hallelujah ” by Jeff Buckley in “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” by Bob Marley. As such, the French songs are not far behind. A touch shifted in the style of George Harrison with “Funeral of yesteryear” or Grand Corps Malade with “Our absent” can sometimes help to deal with grief, sometimes with a smile, but always with good memories!

Religious ceremony

Music should be chosen, depending on the type of funeral you organize. A faithful service must meet specific criteria by including religion. While some of them prohibit music, others leave room for mass songs and sacred music such as Ave Maria. During these religious ceremonies, but always according to the parish that welcomes you, a Christian may be sung.

Civil ceremony

Civil ceremonies are musically freer than religious rituals, especially if you want to use the services of a music group. Feel free to share and communicate your feelings and wishes to musicians or any person in charge of music broadcast. But be careful not to offend the sensibilities of those around you too moved by music or words also marked.

The music for wake

So there are a plethora of songs for a funeral, but when you wake can brighten a little bit with the mood of the music. If the appeal to musicians for the course of the ceremony, you seemed absurd, you can do without hesitation for the wake. Attendees will be there to meet and exchange but also to seek comfort. The music is perfect for this kind of situation.

During the ceremony or the funeral watched, the mere presence of musicians or a DJ will no doubt generate a more serene atmosphere.

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