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What techniques to improve his groove on drums?

This characterization, however, depends on the sensitivity of each, in particular rhythms. It may be that a person is more attracted by the music, while others prefer a different pace.

In addition, the groove provided by the battery is one of the reasons that push the musicians to play this instrument.

For those who are not familiar, it is said that a drummer “groove” from the moment he does exercise to those who hear. So how do you improve it and thus improve his game battery?

To terrain in his drumming

Drumming is like speech. A conversation based on one single way to pronounce words can quickly become unbearable. It is the same for the battery. For drumming is interesting, it has to be changed, both in the rhythms that the intention of the game.

For grooving to the battery, the idea is to accentuate the strokes placed on the highlights, so play with the relief. To do this, it is advisable to increase its hat in eighth, playing a hit on two, and place emphasis on time.

To get there, a drummer must master the dynamism of its strikes. They need to know to play gently or hard, depending on the music it accompanies or at a specific time of the music. For example, we need the hat and bass drum to produce a loud sound, while the snare produces a low sound.

However, to get to master his instrument completely, it should know the intensity of each of his strikes. To do this, exercises are vital, striking the same place, with equal intensity, so as to obtain a sound always equal. It must indeed Hit each part of the instrument consistently before playing on the nuances.

Playing on accuracy

Precision and groove vont de pair! Ringer’s story of the precision in the way and not, of the place where the instruments of taper. The impact must be fluid moves and the impact bare by music.

To achieve this, it is essential to be sure of his shots and avoid the hesitation on the eighth notes. Never lose your role to a musician. A drummer assumes both his shots than his mistakes. When a batsman remains calm and rests assured, he can always catch mistakes, without the public noticing.

Building on the regularity of the tempo

To understand this advice, the best example is our way of walking. Nobody irregularly on, unless you have physical problems. We do this naturally, without the fuss. It’s the same for the battery set. The irregular game might break the rhythm of the music and thus make possible a groove.

For the drummer, the work of the internal clock is also required. An exercise in this direction is to set a metronome to 40 bpm, playing only the first beat of each measure. The drummer then plays the basic rhythm. The goal is to land on the metronome on every shot.

Keep it simple

For groover, complexity is not mandatory. Moreover, this does nothing for its grooves. This does not preclude a complex music groover. It is just hard to play, and therefore, difficult to focus on all the music settings.

Learn to play with other musicians

It is obvious that despite a set of precise and regular battery if the batsman is not synchronous with the other members of his group, the music never Groover. Thus, it is important to listen to his companions and make sure to be on the same vibration, together.

To achieve this harmony in a group, there are several techniques to do before you start to play a song together. The easiest way is to hit the clapper or tempo together. The group will not start playing once everyone produces a single sound perfectly synchronized strikes.

relax and be relaxed during the drumming

The stress level is reflected in the battery set. The more one is stretched, the more the product will be. To produce a good groove, it must be free, remain calm, and be fluid. The best illustration of this point is the movement of water: it bypasses obstacles before it, while remaining fluid, yet it retains its strength when it reaches its target.

If a battery set is too difficult for you, it may create a feeling of stress. To overcome this problem, two solutions:

  • Or, play a song for your level
  • Either simplify the game to relax

Balance the sound level naturally

Groover effectively, it is necessary that the instrument is properly heard! The sound should not be too hard or not enough. Furthermore, we must properly place each element of the battery.

The ideal is to balance the sound level more naturally, rather than having recourse to a sound engineer. Important is that this level glue with the musical intentions of the group.

It must also ensure the sound balance of the battery itself. A cymbal too strong and too feeble kick drum is detrimental to the harmony of your game and, therefore, in your groove.

The ghost notes

The ghost notes are not imperative to reach the groove. Otherwise, their help may be necessary. By definition, these are notes played by the snare and generally are not part of the basic rhythm. They help fill in the blanks and give additional decomposition from pace.

Duke Ellington, addressing his guitarist Freddie Green, defines these notes as follows: “One does not hear when your cheeks, but if you do not, I have the cheek to hear it! “.

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