At the heart of Biblical Chronology is a passion not solely for the sequential tales of the scriptures but for the myriad meanings and insights nestled within its verses. Born from a profound admiration for the Bible’s sacred narratives, this website began as my personal quest to unearth and share the deeper interpretations of various biblical elements.

Exploring Biblical Meanings

The Bible, in its vast expanse, encompasses more than just stories and chronologies. It holds symbols, names, numbers, and phrases, each with unique significance. Whether you’re curious about the biblical symbolism of an acacia tree, the spiritual resonance of the name Wilma, or the mysterious undertones of a dream about ants, I aim to provide clarity and insight.

Layering With Historical Content

Every symbol and narrative within the scriptures has a backdrop – a historical, cultural, or societal setting. By juxtaposing biblical interpretations with their broader contexts, I aspire to offer a comprehensive understanding, allowing the scriptures to resonate more profoundly with today’s readers.

Our Writers


Christine Blanchard

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Hello and welcome! I’m Christine Blanchard, the voice behind many of the pieces here on Biblical Chronology.

Growing up in a family that cherished faith and stories, I was always surrounded by biblical tales that spoke of valor, sacrifice, and divine guidance. These narratives not only kindled my curiosity but also laid the foundation for my lifelong journey into exploring the depths of the Bible.

My fascination led me to pursue formal studies in theology and history. At the University of Cambridge, I delved into ancient scriptures, cross-referencing them with historical events and societal shifts. This interdisciplinary approach allowed me to appreciate the multifaceted nature of biblical texts and their profound influence on human civilization.

While my academic pursuits have been fulfilling, I believe in experiencing the teachings of the Bible in everyday life. Whether it’s practicing gratitude, engaging in community service, or merely reflecting on life’s mysteries during nature walks, I continually seek to intertwine the lessons of scriptures with daily experiences.

Joining the team at Biblical Chronology felt like coming home. Here, I found a platform that resonated with my mission: to make biblical chronologies and meanings accessible to everyone. Every article I pen is a labor of love, combining rigorous research with personal insights, in hopes of shedding light on the scriptures’ timeless wisdom.

Outside of writing and research, I am an avid reader, often found with a historical novel or a theological commentary in hand. Nature rejuvenates me, and I cherish my quiet walks amidst the woods. I’m also a fervent believer in the power of community and often volunteer at local shelters and community centers.

Thank you for stopping by and joining me on this enlightening journey. Whether you’re a seasoned scholar, a curious reader, or someone seeking spiritual guidance, I hope my writings resonate with your quest for understanding.

Our Mission

At Biblical Chronology, our core mission is to shine a light on the profound meanings woven into the scriptures. The Bible is a treasure trove of symbols, names, dreams, and numbers, each holding unique significance that often goes overlooked or misunderstood.

Bridging the Past with the Present

While these symbols and narratives have ancient origins, their relevance remains timeless. We aim to bridge this historical context with modern interpretations, helping readers find personal resonance in these age-old scriptures.

Promoting Comprehensive Understanding

Through an interdisciplinary approach, we seek to provide a holistic view of biblical elements. By drawing from various scholarly perspectives and layering them with historical and cultural contexts, we strive to offer a depth of understanding that transcends mere surface interpretations.

Engaging and Educating

Biblical Chronology is not just about providing information; it’s about fostering engagement. We wish for readers to not only learn from our insights but to reflect upon them, enriching their own spiritual and intellectual journeys.

Editorial Policy – Our Commitment To Excellence

1. Research and Authenticity:

  • Primary Sources: Emphasizing primary references like ancient manuscripts and canonical scriptures guarantees our content’s credibility.
  • Diverse Scholarly Inputs: Leveraging a wide range of scholarly resources ensures a well-rounded exploration of topics.
  • Continuous Updates: With evolving interpretations and new findings, our content remains dynamic and current.

2. Clarity and Accessibility:

  • Structured Presentation: Each article is systematically organized for effortless navigation.
  • Clear Language: Complexity doesn’t mean confusion; our pieces are written to be enlightening for both novices and experts.
  • Visual Assistance: Relevant illustrations and charts simplify intricate concepts.

3. Transparency and Objectivity:

  • Varied Viewpoints: We highlight multiple interpretations, especially when a clear consensus is absent.
  • Clear Citations: A thorough list of references backs every article, promoting transparency.
  • Open Feedback: Your insights enrich our journey, and we welcome your comments and critiques.

4. Respect and Sensitivity:

  • Interfaith Respect: While centered on Christian scriptures, we approach all religious texts with reverence and respect.
  • Unbiased Insights: Our interpretations are free from personal or denominational leanings, promoting objectivity.

5. Collaborations and Peer Reviews:

  • Academic Partnerships: Engaging with experts in biblical studies ensures depth and accuracy.
  • Rigorous Reviews: Each piece undergoes meticulous peer-review, upholding our commitment to excellence.

Feel free to see our Editorial Policy for more information around this.

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