8 Faith-Based Easter Activities for the Whole Family

Easter is a time for family and faith. Why not mix things up this year with activities that are fun and spiritually meaningful for everyone?

These faith-based Easter activities offer a fresh way to celebrate, making the holiday more about connection and reflection.

Explore how you can make Easter more impactful for your family, blending tradition with a deeper understanding of this special season.

Key Takeaways

  • Easter activities combining faith and fun for families.
  • Kindness challenges to spread love and positivity.
  • Incorporate kindness into family traditions for Easter.
  • Benefits of participating in kindness challenges during Easter.

1. Easter Egg Hunt With Bible Verses

easter bible verse hunt

To enhance your Easter celebration with a meaningful activity, consider hosting an Easter egg hunt infused with Bible verses. Begin by involving your family in decorating Easter eggs with vibrant colors and designs that represent the joy of the resurrection.

As you prepare for the hunt, take the time to select Bible verses that hold special meaning for your family or ones that tell the story of Easter.

Encourage your loved ones to engage in Bible verse memorization by incorporating the chosen verses into the egg hunt. Write the verses on small pieces of paper and place them inside the eggs alongside treats or small prizes.

As participants find the eggs, they can read the verses aloud and reflect on the significance of Easter.

This activity not only adds a fun and interactive element to your Easter celebration but also allows your family to deepen their understanding of the religious significance of the holiday. Enjoy the hunt and the opportunity to bond with your family through egg decorating and Bible verse memorization.

2. Resurrection Story Scavenger Hunt

resurrected items tell tales

Enhance your Easter celebration further by organizing a Resurrection Story Scavenger Hunt that engages participants in exploring the narrative of Jesus’ resurrection through interactive clues and activities. Start by gathering your family and friends for a fun and faith-filled adventure that brings the story of Easter to life in a creative way.

  • Faith-filled clues: Create clues that lead participants to key points in the resurrection story. Use Bible verses, riddles, or symbols to guide them through the journey.
  • Interactive journey: Encourage active participation by incorporating tasks or challenges at each clue location. This could include reenacting scenes from the story or answering questions related to the resurrection.
  • Symbolic objects: Place symbolic objects along the scavenger hunt route that represent different aspects of the resurrection story, such as a cross, a stone rolled away, or an empty tomb.
  • Reflective moments: Include moments for reflection and discussion throughout the scavenger hunt to deepen participants’ understanding of the significance of Jesus’ resurrection.
  • Celebrate together: End the scavenger hunt with a time of celebration, where participants can share their experiences and insights from the journey.
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3. Cross Crafts for All Ages

crafting for all generations

Engage all ages in a meaningful Easter activity with creative cross crafts that celebrate the symbol of faith in a hands-on way. For a simple yet impactful project, gather some paints, brushes, and wooden crosses for a session of cross painting. Let each family member choose their colors and designs, encouraging creativity and reflection on the significance of the cross in Christianity.

Another engaging craft idea is to create a cross collage. Provide magazines, colored paper, glue, and scissors, and invite everyone to cut out images or words that represent what the cross means to them personally. Assemble these pieces onto a larger sheet of paper in the shape of a cross, creating a unique artwork that combines individual perspectives into a collective expression of faith.

Both cross painting and cross collage activities offer a hands-on way to explore the Easter message of hope, renewal, and salvation while fostering family bonding and creative expression.

4. Family Easter Devotional Time

easter devotions with loved ones

As you gather your family for Easter, take time to engage in meaningful devotional activities that deepen your understanding of the holiday’s significance. Here are some ideas to help you create a special Easter devotional time with your loved ones:

  • Family Prayer: Start your devotional time with a heartfelt prayer, thanking God for the gift of Easter and asking for His blessings to be upon your family.
  • Scripture Reading: Read and reflect on passages from the Bible that tell the story of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection, emphasizing the importance of this event in the Christian faith.
  • Discussion: Encourage open dialogue among family members about the significance of Easter and how it impacts your lives.
  • Reflection: Take a moment of silence for personal reflection on the meaning of Easter and what it means to each family member individually.
  • Closing Prayer: End your devotional time with a closing prayer, expressing gratitude for the time spent together and asking for God’s guidance in your lives.

5. Christ-Centered Easter Crafts

religious easter craft ideas

Looking to infuse your Easter celebrations with a touch of creativity and faith? Why not try your hand at some Christ-centered Easter crafts that can bring the story of resurrection to life in a tangible way? One idea is scripture painting, where you can select a meaningful Bible verse about Easter and create a beautiful piece of art around it. This activity not only allows you to express your faith creatively but also serves as a visual reminder of the true meaning of Easter.

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Another engaging craft idea is resurrection art. You can use various materials such as clay, paper, or even natural elements like flowers to craft scenes depicting Jesus’ resurrection. This hands-on activity can be a fun way to engage the whole family in reflecting on the significance of Easter.

6. Garden Tomb Diorama Activity

creative biblical garden activity

Craft a miniature Garden Tomb diorama to visually portray the resurrection story and involve your family in a hands-on exploration of the Easter narrative. This activity can be a meaningful way to engage with the symbolism of Easter and create lasting memories with your loved ones.

Here are some steps to guide you through creating your Garden Tomb diorama:

  • Gather Materials: Collect items like a small box, clay or play dough, small rocks or pebbles, and small figurines to represent Jesus, angels, and other characters.
  • Construct the Tomb: Use the box as the base for your diorama and mold the clay or play dough to form the tomb structure.
  • Decorate the Scene: Place the rocks or pebbles around the tomb to create a garden-like setting and add the figurines to depict the characters.
  • Add Details: Consider adding flowers, small crosses, or other symbolic elements to enhance the scene.
  • Reflect and Share: Once the diorama is complete, gather your family to reflect on the significance of the Garden Tomb and share what the resurrection means to each of you.

7. Last Supper Reenactment Dinner

artistic reenactment with food

To further engage your family in faith-based Easter activities, consider hosting a Last Supper Reenactment Dinner to immerse yourselves in the events leading up to the crucifixion and resurrection narratives. Prepare biblical recipes like unleavened bread, roast lamb, and bitter herbs to recreate the atmosphere of the Last Supper. Encourage family members to dress in historical costumes resembling those worn during biblical times to enhance the experience.

Setting the table with simple, rustic elements can help transport you back to the time of Jesus and his disciples. Remember to incorporate elements like candles for ambiance and authenticity. As you dine together, take turns reading passages from the Bible that recount the Last Supper, allowing everyone to participate in retelling the story.

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This interactive dinner won’t only deepen your understanding of the biblical account but also create cherished memories and strengthen family bonds as you reflect on the significance of Easter.

8. Acts of Kindness Challenge

kindness initiative for community

Initiate an Acts of Kindness Challenge with your family this Easter to spread love and compassion in your community. This activity can be a meaningful way to bond with your loved ones while making a positive impact on those around you.

Consider incorporating the Kindness Challenge into your Family Game Night for a fun and heartwarming twist. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Bake treats for your neighbors and leave them on their doorstep with a kind note
  • Write letters to healthcare workers thanking them for their dedication and hard work
  • Donate gently-used clothes or toys to a local charity
  • Offer to run errands or do chores for an elderly neighbor or family member
  • Create care packages for the homeless filled with essential items like socks, toiletries, and non-perishable food

Get creative with your acts of kindness and encourage each family member to participate actively. Together, you can make a difference in the lives of others and foster a spirit of generosity and compassion this Easter season.


Embracing these faith-based activities offers a beautiful opportunity to deepen your family’s understanding and celebration of Easter. By integrating Easter egg hunts with a twist of Bible verses, crafting meaningful cross decorations, reflecting on the Resurrection story, dedicating time for devotion, and expressing kindness through acts of love, you’re not only creating memorable experiences but also fostering a deeper connection with the essence of this sacred holiday.

As you engage in these celebrations, ponder on how these shared moments might further enrich your family’s faith journey and understanding of Easter’s profound significance.

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