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How to hold his guitar pick?

When we know that poor performance of the pick can affect your game in the best case and worst, create tension in your wrist and although he never knows good, create tension in the body, especially as consistently when playing.

But before that, we will have to answer an important question which will allow us to know everything you need to know about this accessory.

What is a “pick”?

The pick is an accessory that allows strum. There is a variety of pick, and there are criteria to consider when choosing the type of pick that suits you.


Nothing too serious, there are children and adults with several intermediate sizes; the choice will be purely subjective and will depend on each.

The thickness

The thickness is a parameter that will have a direct impact on the “hardness” of the pick. Basic, it can be said that flexible picks, so with a small thickness, are recommended for beginners, as easily forgive games “tense” of that the pick it bends easily.

Unfortunately, it does not vary the intensity of the game. The media picks will be chosen more for a game that goes everywhere and fluid.

Regarding the more rigid picks, so a greater thickness, will be for “nervous” or games, especially for solos as a rigid plectrum allows better precision game, especially for fast solos with a shower of notes.

Anyway, do as you feel, it’s just advice.

The material

Plastic is the most common, but other materials are starting to make their appearances such as wood, metal, ivory, glass, tortoiseshell, etc.

The form

There are several forms of picks up the triangular with rounded through the picks in the form of straw, etc.

In addition, some picks have an embedded form grows to facilitate the decision of the latter. Note that the triangular mark picks 1 point, because of the shape, as you can use the three corners as “spikes” of guitar picks to strum.

Finally, all this is just a story of personal comfort and will be different from one person to another, so feel free to test several picks to find one that suits you.

And how to hold it?

Once selected your pick according to your preferences, take it, but no matter how, and that’s where the real fun begins.

Indeed, you only use the thumb and forefinger to hold your pick. The latter, will place opposite the tip of the pick will be in contact with the strings, the thumb will be placed above the pick and through so as to press the index and will be placed under the pick.

However, for the index, use the part below the recess of the nail, on the side facing the thumb.

Regarding the position of the pick relative to the index finger and thumb, you should know that the point of the pick should not exceed 3mm under your fingertips and a maximum of 5mm. More than 5 mm is not advisable for your playing comfort.

The three things not to do especially

Now that we have seen the things to do to really keep the pick, we will see things here that should not be done at the risk of taking very bad habits.

1st error

So the first thing not to do is to hold the pick with the middle and not the index. If you use other fingers than index finger and thumb to take your pick, there are risks that it creates tension in your wrist and can lead to blockages in the long run and affect the fact develop her game.

2nd error

Now we saw why we must hold the pick with the index and not the middle, ring, or little finger, for those who like challenges. We’ll see the bad position of the index, not to do when holding a pick.

It may happen that some take the pick of the tip of the index, at the time, we did not realize the impact it will have, but when we want to start playing fast and playing solos, their c is another story.

3rd error

Finally, on things not to do to take his pick, hold it with more than two fingers. It may be that some people go need to use the third finger for different reasons, be it for a better grip to prevent the pick moves or rotates, have more strength for more attacks, etc.

Unfortunately, this, as for the other two points mentioned just above, is double-edged. Indeed, the first thing is that the 3 rd finger used in general will be the major can be the ring to challenge fans, but it will be just as debilitating for the point of interest.

More specifically, you can no longer make “picking,” this technique of deporting hand scratching the strings to come to “hit” a rope to a specific box using the 3 rd finger, middle finger.

In addition, this will affect you will not realize but which could have much impact on your game. It will change the angle of your hand. But in addition to impact how the pick will type the strings and therefore your game, this will make more complicated the “palm mute,” the technique of using the edge of the hand that they were putting the ropes to choke them.

Finally, be aware that if you have a bad holding your pick, you’ll get used to playing like that, which means that not only will you lose the habit, but in addition, you will learn to play, taking your pick another way.

Making his way when you have enough experience

So yes, some guitar hero played with coins, others held their pick of some ways, and others so, etc. and it’s true, nothing prevents you, and it is even important to make your way to and find your way.

Moreover, the idea in this article is to give you a good foundation and the right technique to not get hurt and especially getting to know you is to say, how you play, etc. in the best conditions.

However, when you have enough experience and knowledge, there you can take liberties and, in general, it will come by itself.

Of those, I say to you very soon in a future article.

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