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Whether a company party, a birthday, Christmas Eve, an EVJF or EVG, there is inevitably a theme for you! And if you want to blow everything up (especially champagne corks) … Hold a theme night with live music!

Linkaband, the musical event specialist, works with a myriad of musicians whose goal is waltz your body to the rhythm you desire! Rock, pop, house, electro, jazz, or world music, all music styles are at hand! So we summarize … You find the theme you decide on the musical style that is the best match, and you have to choose the musicians for your evening!

Top theme nights!

It is not hard to find an “original theme evening” for an evening: western party, hippie party, color theme party, party time travel … So it becomes particularly challenging to stand out. Sometimes just, let go or come back to the simple things like cooking, or take a theme known as a Roaring Twenties party and make a place for live music! Make your choice!

Night letters and numbers!

Evening original theme par excellence, it has nothing to do with the same name TV show! The idea is simple, but the practice may be fun! Choose a letter at random and ask your guests to come dressed in a theme beginning with the same message. If you want to spice the thing, replace the letter with a number that you give each of your guests! For example, three may be the trinity, therefore a religious disguise, or nine an egg!

Casino Night!

The casino is the original party theme that is always an emotional jackpot! Treat your guests’ so strong rebound evening! Today it is easy to dig up a poker table, blackjack, or roulette carpet! You decide if the bets are cold hard or simple treats, it’s up to you! To animate a little more atmosphere, also bet on the music! Some well-established musicians will make the fever of the game!

Superhero party!

Far ideas sometimes very convoluted themes, an evening around superheroes is part of theme ideas most appreciated! How many of you have ever wanted to take to James Bond the space of an evening or donning the Spider-Man tights or pants Superman! But if you’re going to be original, dress up as cartoon heroes or movie in black and white! 

Evening freedom!

And if you instauriez a small dose of anarchy in your theme party: do not give any guidance on disguises! Organize an evening on the theme of freedom, can quickly become comical. Perfect for the new year, the idea to the advantage of giving free rein to the imagination of your guests! Small items that will make your evening a special moment: find a band that will make the atmosphere even more delusional!

Historical evening!

An evening on the theme of the story usually directly between the pantheon of fancy dress! Choose a period of history as the Roaring Twenties or Ancient Rome and let yourself go! For feasting with dignity and go further in this original theme, enjoy the minstrels’ services for an item on the Middle Ages or a jazz band for an evening on the idea of prohibition!

Musical evening!

And if you’re hosting a party theme centered on music for your business or a birthday party? A theme party revolving around music can be at the top of the first parties if the music is live music! Evening haversack, disco, rock party, do reliving the 20s, the 70s, and 80s! But for your theme party is original, remember that you should at least find a DJ!

Movie night (to watch)!

Some of us are reluctant increasingly to go to the movies. Pervasive neighbors, excessive waiting time, popcorn too hot or too cold ice … There are a thousand reasons not to meet friends before the big screen! And yet discover or relive a movie surrounded by his family, it’s beautiful. Do you have a large white wall? Do you have a garden and a large white cloth? Find a movie to watch with friends and organize your movie night!

Movie Night (live)!

When your home theater evening you can obviously be disguised. And if you push the vice even further? If you realize your movie by relying on disguises, your surroundings? And if the script was written with your guests during the evening? On an evening become a director, camera in one hand and glass in the other! Also, think of the soundtrack during filming! A professional DJ will create a perfectly adequate musical atmosphere!

BBQ night!

Ok, here we cheat a bit … The theme evening barbecue is seen again and again! Unless the culinary specialty you choose is original. For my part, I never put marshmallow grilling on a grill. But be careful, some foods can seriously affect the health of your restaurant! Learn upstream, buy a disposable barbecue, or refer squarely on a campfire!

Theme party with music!

We hope that these theme party ideas will help you organize a special evening! Much theme nights can be or must be accompanied by music. It could not be easier! Consult with a band or a DJ! And if tonight you prefer to organize a movie night (to see) and you only need good speakers, consider the next evening, as there inevitably will be more!

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