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When to change a guitar strings?

Why should you change the strings?

Several reasons can be cited to change the strings of a guitar. Everything will depend on your situation without being overbearing — the ideas, which may cause you to do this.

A broken string

This first case is a compelling reason to change a guitar string. Of course, you could always use it if it breaks once or twice, but this is not recommended. Besides, a rope that breaks at every turn deserves a replacement. Also, remember to check if there are mechanical defects on the instrument. Note that the flexibility or stiffness of each string can have an impact on their robustness.

Oxidized rope

We must recognize that the oxidation is a phenomenon that appears on all metal strings over time. This is even visible on the lower strings, fixed on a classical guitar. Note also that sweating guitarist, can still promote more oxidation ropes.

Thus, the strings are increasingly uncomfortable to the touch. A replacement seems so inevitable. In this case, think about getting the strings with more coating if you have the option to procure.

A change in

Take into account that a new rope offers a more pleasant to the ears. However, this will degrade gradually as you play on the instrument. The sound of the rope can even completely change a few weeks after its first use. Consideration should be given to replace the ropes when it happens.

The guitar sounds wrong

When you have beautiful tune your guitar, but it still seems wrong every time you play. This is since the strings wear out over time. Suddenly, they relax irregularly, and that’s what created the wrong notes. Then know that tuning does not always guarantee you superb notes every time unless you change the strings.

Poor quality ropes

You will never have the perfect sound if you still have weak quality strings. It is recommended you do not set yourself on lines like that if you want to produce good music with the guitar. Better to rely on more efficient models, although they can be more expensive. It is best to choose the ropes with the best quality/price ratio.

The ropes change also depend on your frequency of play

Do not overlook the frequency of play, to know when to change the strings of his guitar. Your strings will surely wear out faster if you play every day as opposed to an amateur who uses his guitar as during weekends or more occasionally.

  • A low frequency

You play the guitar well, but you do not tend to use it for lack of time or desire? Know that the strings of your instrument will oxidize faster than expected. Indeed, they will be like metals that rust after several weeks of inactivity.

It is recommended to choose classical strings stainless steel if you are not the type to play guitar regularly. A folk and electric guitar needs sheathed ropes with a polymer coating.

  • A regular frequency

If you’re the type to play regularly, think about getting the best string brands. These guarantee a long lifetime, unlike the low-end models. It will also do a good cleaning rope, once you stop playing. To emphasize that the fingers of sweating can accelerate the deterioration of the strings.

This is why cleaning is important. You have to use a clean, dry cloth or paper towel (paper towel) that will fit the bill. Finally, be aware that some products exist to extend the life of your strings and protect them from oxidation.  

How to change the strings?

Changing strings particularly depends on the type of guitar that you own. You will have to pay attention so you can again enjoy the beauty of the sound of your favorite instrument.

For a classical guitar

If you have this type of instrument, you will need three wound strings and ropes all three smooth nylon, and a mechanical crank can afford to go faster. He then removes the old string so you can put the new in place. The arrangement of strings must be alternated.

It will build the bridge to the level before tackling mounting on mechanical. The crank is used to loosen the strings faster before granting them.

For a folk acoustic guitar

Again, you should remove the old ropes and set new alternating thin and thick. Care must be taken to fix them one by one from the bridge to the end that is in mechanics. Do not forget to tighten the strings with a crank before making the deal.

For this type of guitar, you will need strings for acoustic and a mechanical key and a cutter. Besides, you should take steps to avoid falling on poor quality strings.

For an electric guitar

First, we must raise electric guitar strings and a cutter and a screwdriver. Then start by removing the target string, while ensuring it is fully relaxed. Then you could cut it with a wire cutter before removing the eyelet on mechanics.

Then go up the rope, bypassing from behind the easel, ensuring it will also pass through the bridge saddle. Do not forget to bamboozle your string at the mechanics so that you can tune it correctly. This action is repeated on all the strings of the guitar.

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