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Biblical Chronology Articles

This section of the site is for articles on the topic of Biblical chronology written by other authors.

  • Several interesting articles at Tree of Life discuss revisions needed in New Testament Chronology.

  • See this list of historical events and correlated astronomical events, which also concludes that the generally-accepted chronology of Christ's life needs a radical revision. See also this article Almagest and Ptolemy’s Canon of the Kings.

  • Notes on the Unpublished Research of Dr. E. J. Vardaman - by Ronald L. Conte Jr.
    [This article also available in PDF format]

You may submit an article (or a link to an article already on the web) by sending the article or link to the e-mail address on the contact page.

I am hoping for articles which address the new theories presented on this site and in the book. However, any scholarly article on the topic of Biblical chronology will be considered.

Articles by Biblical chronologists, astronomers, university students and others are welcome.


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