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Faith and Reason and Biblical Chronology

Many Biblical scholars practice scholarship without faith. Instead of being guided by faith and reason, they depend upon reason alone. They use the words "devout" and "pious" as if these were criticisms, rather than complements. They follow their scholarship without regard to faith. When the words of the Bible conflict with their own theories, they conclude that the Bible must be in error. They reject the ideas of those who are more readily guided by faith rather than by scholarship.

One of the main premises of my book is that the Bible can be relied upon for true historical information about the dates and times of events in the lives of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. This premise is based on faith. Whoever attempts to build a chronology of the life of Jesus Christ not based on faith in the words of Sacred Scripture is certain to fail. The things of faith cannot be proved from science and historical evidence alone.

Some scholars might quickly dismiss the ideas of this web site and the book, because these are based on faith and reason, not on reason alone. Yet they cannot refute the historical evidence presented by the site and the book.

I hope to add to this page soon. Until then, for more on this point, see chapter 1 of the book.

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