a new approach
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Presenting a new theory in New Testament Biblical chronology.

A radical revision of New Testament Biblical chronology is presented on this web site and in the associated book. This revised chronology is based on a new approach, which questions the generally-accepted dates for events in Roman history. The basis for the revision of these dates includes, but is not limited to, an analysis of the eclipse and comet sightings mentioned by Roman historical texts.

This new approach provides numerous points of evidence placing events in Roman history and in New Testament chronology years earlier than has been generally believed by historians and Biblical scholars. Most Biblical chronologists begin by assuming that the generally-accepted dates for events in Roman history are correct. They base their New Testament chronology in large part on the dates of those events. This web site offers substantial evidence that those assumed dates are thoroughly incorrect.

This web site is only an introduction to this revised New Testament chronology. For further information and detailed references, see the book Important Dates in the Lives of Jesus and Mary, available in paperback. The book and this web site are both copyrighted by Ronald L. Conte Jr. Much of the text on this site is taken from the book. Brief quotes with proper attribution are permitted.

   This web site is copyright 2003 by Ronald L. Conte Jr.