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Replies to Common Questions and Objections

1. Most scholars in this field disagree with your theories; therefore, you cannot be correct.

This is a common objection raised against any new idea in any field of knowledge. Such an argument cannot be valid because every new idea in any field is, at first, a minority opinion. If every new idea could be rejected merely on that basis, then no new ideas could enter any field of knowledge and scholarship would stagnate.

Furthermore, every Biblical chronologist has some theories which are unique to his own work. If one were to write only ideas which were already expressed by numerous others, one's work would not be a useful contribution to that field. Therefore, the uniqueness of a scholar's theories cannot be used to disqualify those ideas.

2. Scholars who are greater than you disagree; therefore, you cannot be correct. These greater scholars have published more or have a more advanced degree or are more widely recognized in this field of knowledge; therefore, we should adhere to their views, rather than to yours.

This is a type of objection often raised by persons who are not scholars themselves. No researcher, in any field of knowledge, ever publishes a theory supported by the argument that they are a great scholar and therefore their theories must be correct. Scholars must always give a reasoned argument in support of their theories.

3. It doesn't matter when Jesus was born or when He died. All that matters is that Jesus did suffer and die for our salvation.

Yes, this is true.

4. Why don't you publish these theories in a peer-reviewed publication?

The field of Biblical chronology lacks a scholarly journal, wherein researchers can publish new theories for peer-review. Articles on this topic find publication in a wide variety of obscure journals, which are primarily dedicated to other topics, and which are not even read by most Biblical chronologists.

Biblical scholars should not write primarily for other scholars, but rather primarily for the ordinary Christian and only secondarily for other scholars. By publishing my theories in a paperback book, and on this site, I hope to reach a wider group than an article in an obscure journal would reach.

If you have read this web site (and maybe some portions of the book) and would like to submit an intelligent question or an intelligent objection, please feel free to e-mail me.

On the other hand, if you are rejecting these ideas prima facie, please do not contact me.

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